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Innesoft PhotoFrame is a Photoshop plugin for creating large-format photography or canvas artworks with your digital photos. Using this tool, you can transform your photos to artistic works on canvas, canvas board or vinyl board that you can then print or download as a digital file to share on your favorite website.PhotoFrame comes with 8 different canvas styles (including acrylic, canvas board, canvas board with a black border, canvas with a frame, canvas with a frame, canvas board, canvas board with a black border and vinyl board), 4 black frame styles (including wooden and acrylic frame) as well as 11 paper and canvas paper styles. All the canvas art styles are also created as Photoshop layers, allowing you to easily add or remove them. You can also create your own custom canvas and frame designs.All the frames and canvases can be arranged in several different ways, allowing you to create any kind of composition you like. You can add or remove the frames, crops, backgrounds and borders to your photos as required, and the canvas style and frame style can even be moved to an other position.All photos are converted to professional standard JPEG files with no quality loss. All you need to do is just click the "Start!" button and PhotoFrame is ready to create your canvas artwork; you can start with any stage, including customizing the canvas and frame. After finishing, the canvas and frame artworks will be saved to your computer with the high-resolution images.As to canvas and frame artwork printing, you have the choice to print, download or send your artwork. PhotoFrame supports many standard resolution and file formats, including PSD, PDF, EPS, TIFF and GIF. The high-quality printing of canvas and frame artwork is ensured, using resolutions ranging from 300 dpi (300 dpi or PPI) up to 2400 dpi (2400 dpi or PPI). Every frame artpiece is saved as separate layers, so you can easily adjust them to your liking.What's In the Box?:Product DescriptionINNESOFT BOXMAGIC is a professional tool for quickly creating rich, cinematic 3D box images and virtual packaging for your online products. With 20 different types of packaging styles, you can instantly transform your flat cover designs into 3D boxes with realistic shadows and lighting, giving your potential buyers a compelling incentive to buy. BoxMagic is ideal for software/digital media vendors, creating elegant media assets that help you stand out from the competition and entice your 08929e5ed8

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